The Best of Chick Monk

by Chick Monk

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released May 26, 1993




Jon Pinnow Denver

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Track Name: Dinah
Dinah, is there anyone finer
In the state of Carolina?
If there is and you know her,
Show her to me.

Dinah, with her Dixie eyes blazin',
How I long to sit and gaze in
To the eyes of Dinah Lee.

Every night why do I
Shake with fright?
Because my Dinah might
Change her mind about me.

Dinah, if you travel to China
I would hop an ocean liner
Just to be with Dinah Lee.

Track Name: The Rest of Chick Monk
Memories of E. Texas/Sally Sue, Part I ... [incomprehensible] ... Bounced Check Blues ... Suzie, Part II ... Frozen Foods/Swanson Chicken Pot Pies ... Suzie, Part III ... Sally Sue, Part IV

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